I knew from watching the trailer for this movie that I was going to end up crying while watching it.

Aaaaaaaand I did.

Chris Evans is great in this movie. McKenna Grace is great in this movie. Jenny Slate is great in this movie. And Octavia Spencer steals every scene she is in. So, to say the least, the acting is strong.

The filmmaking, however, is quite weak. It is shot and/or edited a little weird. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it felt more like television than film. It was effective enough to tell the story though.

The story, well, if you’ve seen the trailer you know basically everything that happens. There are one or two surprises thrown in there, but you basically get all you need from the trailer. What you don’t get from the trailer is the depth of performance by all of the actors involved. They were all great, as I previously stated…

So, it’s a indie film that feels like a really, really indie film. It’s very well acted. And the story is compelling but predictable. All that being said, I highly recommend it.