How do I say this nicely? I mean, everybody worked really hard to make a fun summer blockbuster popcorn movie. They didn’t set out to make a bad movie, they are all just people with jobs and whatnot, so I don’t want to disparage them too much.

But this movie is the film equivalent to “meh.”

Every single aspect of this movie is under-utilizing the pieces you do have and over utilizing CGI and set pieces. The movie is filled with fine actors who can turn out fine work, but for whatever reason – weak script, poor direction, lack of chemistry – they just don’t. They only fun relationship in the movie is between Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson, and for reasons I won’t spoil you with, it is under-utilized.

The movie jumps from CGI action set piece to CGI action set piece and will probably leave you feeling like you should have watched the way more charming Mummy movie with Brendon Frasier.

At least they are going to be booting up a Dark Universe with all our favorite movie monsters. So there is that. So…. if those end up being good you will probably come back and watch this one to see what you missed. So just get it out of the way now. It’s just easier that way.