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Stitcher is a podcasting app that brands itself as “Radio on Demand.” It’s a pretty good app and it happens to be the one that I use. It’s free, although they do offer a premium service that will give you access to comedy albums, podcast special episodes and the back catalog’s of a ton of great shows.

Stitcher’s main focus is to streamline the podcast listening experience, which they do by putting the focus on streaming. No downloading, no syncing, and no wasted memory. There is an option to download any episodes you want via the “Listen Later” function, but for most of us it isn’t necessary.

The app is available on iOS, Android, Nook, or through your browser.

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MovieDummies Podcast Episode 54 – Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

In this weeks episode, Adam, Joe and the gang (no Angela this week…) discuss one of the best horrible movies of all time: Kung Pow: Enter the Fist!!! There is also some discussion on Game of Thrones, Neflix’s Icarus and the new four part Teen Titans Go! special!! Because we rock…. and roll…. all day long…. sweet Suzie!! Thanks for listening!

MovieDummies Podcast

Baby Driver – movie review

I try to do spoiler-free reviews, so….. here we go:

Edgar Wright is the best. 

The movie is fun and fantastic. 

The soundtrack is awesome. 

The whole thing – acting, directing, cinematography, editing, etc. – is so incredibly done that it makes the movie one-of-a-kind in a way that is sure to be replicated in the future…. just probably not as well. 

Even if you don’t like it you’re probably going to like it. 

Just go see it. 


Chips – Movie Review

Okay, okay, I get it. This is a box office and critical bomb.

It had a $25 million budget and its worldwide gross was just over $25 million. So financially, after you include marketing costs and yada yada yada, it was a flop.

Rotten tomatoes has this thing at a 16%…. but the audience score is at 50%. Which is right where I think this movie deserves to be.

On the surface it seems like just another dumb action comedy. But I think it is more than that….

The reason why I think this movie isn’t resonating at all is because we have become accustomed to the fantastically ridiculous when it comes to R rated comedies. And we have become even more accustomed to the insanity of driving-based action movies. Things have to be dialed up to eleven for it to even register as a comedic/action attempt. I think there is something wrong with that though. The biggest sin of this movie is that it is grounded. The stunts and the action are all performed by real people with no help from Mr. CGI. The comedy is based on something that I won’t spoil, but it has a realistic, grounded, through-line from beginning to end that pays service to the two leads. They are two flawed individuals and the comedy comes from us knowing the textbook reasons behind their motivations and them not knowing anything about what they are doing, despite it being obvious to us and those around them. I thought it was an inventive approach to a comedy and I give Dax Shepard props.

The other area I give him props is with the realistic action and stuntwork. I’m a little tired of watching someone do something that is physically impossible and surviving without a scratch. This is a movie where one of the leads can’t even make it to the bathroom without help because of the physical punishment he has endured. There is something charming about it, almost like it is a throwback without being a throwback. I have read some of the criticisms of the movie and they are, if you boil it down, that it wasn’t enough of a spectacle. Not big enough. Not crazy enough. Well, why does it have to be big and crazy? Why can’t it just be grounded and well done?

Grounded and well done works for me.


Don’t Think Twice Review

Mike Birbiglia is one of the most talented writer/directors around. His ability to combine comedy and drama is masterful. The movie is funny, real, and emotionally resonant and I can’t say enough good things about it. The entire cast was exceptional, a lot of familiar comedy faces and they all deliver strong performances. I don’t want to say much more but I absolutely loved this movie. Oh, and I definitely didn’t cry at the end. Nope. I’m manly.

It’s available on Netflix right now. No excuses. Go watch it.