Icarus (2017) – Movie Review

A documentary that started about one thing goes into a vastly different and dangerous direction.

It’s intense.

How much of the danger that drives the intensity of the movie is actual and how much is manufactured by the film making? That is unclear. It doesn’t really matter though, because the story isn’t really about the danger of the situation, it is about a guy and his involvement in possibly the greatest sports cover-up in history.

The best part? It’s a Netflix gem, so you can go watch it today. And I recommend that you go watch it today. It is very interesting and was filled with a ton of information I was not aware of. Overall, it was very well done.



Who Took Johnny – Movie Review

This was an excellent documentary. The story is so chilling and familiar to us, but for people in the suburbs in the 1980’s this would have been something unexpected. I don’t want to spoil the doc for you but I will say that the amazing strength of Johnny’s parents, especially his mother, changed life for parents everywhere in America. It is hard to imagine there existed a time when if a child went missing there would be no immediate police response, let along having to wait 72 hours! And now everyone with a smartphone gets amber alerts creating an instant tip line for law enforcement to use to help find the missing child. I definitely recommend this documentary, it was very well done and I think that it is an important story.