Gifted – Movie Review

I knew from watching the trailer for this movie that I was going to end up crying while watching it.

Aaaaaaaand I did.

Chris Evans is great in this movie. McKenna Grace is great in this movie. Jenny Slate is great in this movie. And Octavia Spencer steals every scene she is in. So, to say the least, the acting is strong.

The filmmaking, however, is quite weak. It is shot and/or edited a little weird. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it felt more like television than film. It was effective enough to tell the story though.

The story, well, if you’ve seen the trailer you know basically everything that happens. There are one or two surprises thrown in there, but you basically get all you need from the trailer. What you don’t get from the trailer is the depth of performance by all of the actors involved. They were all great, as I previously stated…

So, it’s a indie film that feels like a really, really indie film. It’s very well acted. And the story is compelling but predictable. All that being said, I highly recommend it.



Spiderman: Homecoming – Movie Review

There is a lot to say about this movie, and it would be difficult without spoiling too much. So to keep it brief….

Tom Holland is excellent as Peter Parker, but I’m wishy washy on some of the cg for Spiderman.

Michael Keaton is brilliant. I absolutely loved everything about his performance.

The Hughesian vibe of the movie struck a perfect tone for me. The band of smarty-pants misfits was expertly cast.

Downey and Tomei were great as well, but I don’t want to say too much about their specific involvement and how it relates to Peter’s struggles as he ventures out into new territory as Spiderman. Just know that it is a fun ride.

The movie was great. I’m not exactly sure if I like it better than Raimi’s first outing…. It felt very much like a prequel to an “amazing” Spiderman movie, but it was amazing as well so…. yeah.

The best thing about movies is that you can judge for yourself. I think that if you are a fan of these types of movies, or of those great John Hughes movies of the 1980’s, you should go see it.



Baby Driver – movie review

I try to do spoiler-free reviews, so….. here we go:

Edgar Wright is the best. 

The movie is fun and fantastic. 

The soundtrack is awesome. 

The whole thing – acting, directing, cinematography, editing, etc. – is so incredibly done that it makes the movie one-of-a-kind in a way that is sure to be replicated in the future…. just probably not as well. 

Even if you don’t like it you’re probably going to like it. 

Just go see it. 


MovieDummies Podcast Episode 49 – Tusk

This week there is no Adam, but Joe is here and is joined by the rest of the gang as they talk about Tusk. It’s a oft-maligned movie and undeservedly so. Solid script, well acted, super creepy, and still manages some goofs. We get it if you didn’t like it, but we will always say it is good. We talk about some other stuff too, so enjoy!! Thanks for listening!!

MovieDummies Podcast

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Movie Review

There is not a whole lot to be said about this movie. If you like the ongoing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, then this will be a satisfying outing for you. Personally I think this was an improvement over On Stranger Tides, but they all seem to be lackluster in comparison to The Curse of the Black Pearl. That movie is outstanding and I can/do rewatch it all the time. This one? I’ll probably never watch it again, despite the fact that it isn’t awful.

Venture at your own peril…. or something.