Baywatch – Movie Review

So…. this movie isn’t good.

That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

But it isn’t any fun either. Which surprised me.

Everything about this movie seemed like it was going to be fun: the cast, the concept, the dumb jokes…. but I think they got caught up in the preview screening trap and didn’t trust their original concept enough. The movie is plagued with ADR that ruins scenes. I didn’t do a count while watching the movie, but I’d guess there was at least 30 added lines, and it was distracting and unnecessary.  There were some good parts in the movie, but because of the mish mash structure of everything, it all felt disjointed. They should have just let this movie be completely stupid and linear, it would have been fun!

I’d be interested to see what the original cut would have been, because it probably would have been more fun to watch. The best part of this cut is the blooper reel at the end of the movie, it actually made the other 90 minutes worthwhile because at least now I know everybody had fun making the movie.

I just didn’t have fun watching it.



The MovieDummies Podcast is now on Stitcher

Stitcher is a podcasting app that brands itself as “Radio on Demand.” It’s a pretty good app and it happens to be the one that I use. It’s free, although they do offer a premium service that will give you access to comedy albums, podcast special episodes and the back catalog’s of a ton of great shows.

Stitcher’s main focus is to streamline the podcast listening experience, which they do by putting the focus on streaming. No downloading, no syncing, and no wasted memory. There is an option to download any episodes you want via the “Listen Later” function, but for most of us it isn’t necessary.

The app is available on iOS, Android, Nook, or through your browser.

Here is a link to our show’s page.

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MovieDummies Podcast Episode 53 – Bedtime Stories

This week, Adam, Joe and the gang (no Matt though…) discuss the 2008 Adam Sandler movie Bedtime Stories. It’s a fun movie and we have some fun talking about the missing magical explanations. We talk about some other stuff we all enjoyed during our month away from the mics as well. Thanks for listening!!

MovieDummies Podcast

MovieDummies Podcast Episode 49 – Tusk

This week there is no Adam, but Joe is here and is joined by the rest of the gang as they talk about Tusk. It’s a oft-maligned movie and undeservedly so. Solid script, well acted, super creepy, and still manages some goofs. We get it if you didn’t like it, but we will always say it is good. We talk about some other stuff too, so enjoy!! Thanks for listening!!

MovieDummies Podcast